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We all have known that playing with cube has mental perks. The number of algorithms and techniques needed to solve it just once has to stimulate the brain somehow. However, most of us never realized the vast capacity of mental and emotional benefits tied to the cube. We found it fascinating that how as educators we can use the cube in classrooms as an important teaching device. Each year, we look forward to introducing the cube in many schools as a recreational short term activity. There is something special about this colourful three dimensional puzzle that seems to captivate the imagination of even the most lethargic student. This activity has shown us that every student has a tremendous amount of untapped potential, waiting to be unlocked. The cube has been a valuable key in unlocking it.


  • It improves spatial awareness.
  • It exercises the brain.
  • It demonstrates the need for practice.
  • It represents a pure example of true learning.



With a single possible solution out of 43 Quintilian possible combinations, and even the man who invented it spent a month of solid research trying to figure it out, but that hasn’t stopped the  Cube from becoming the most popular toy in history. Here are a few things that will eventually encourage you to pick up a cube.

  • New evidence reported recently in Scientific American. Thousands of new cells are generated in the adult brain every day, particularly in the hippo campus, a structure involved in learning and memory .Within a couple of weeks, most of those new – born neurons will die, unless it is challenged to learn something new. Learning that involves a great deal of effort can keep these new neurons alive.
  • Studies have shown that engaging in mental activity through games and puzzles can help keep the mind sharp in old age.
  • Completing puzzles and crosswords, and board games have been shown to be beneficial to the maintenance of short-term memory.
  • The cube also helps increase your general concentration which is important in the smallest to the biggest challenges in life.
  • Improves the hand to eye coordination.
  • Makes the learner more patient as a person and as the saying goes that- “patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success”, this activity will truly prove the phrase.